NOSPHIL Consultancy and Manpower Services Inc.

Our Services

With NOSPHIL’s experience as provider of qualified manpower, NOSPHIL has developed a system of sourcing, testing and screening, certifying and training qualified personnel for local placement.

Quality Recruitment

With a highly effective recruitment system NOSPHIL ensures the assignment of qualified staff while aiming for them to thrive in the Company where they are assigned.

With our constant pool of qualified candidates, NOSPHIL assures the timely recommendation of qualified staff to all our clients.

Market Updates

The Company's Marketing Department continuously looks for opportunities for the supply of manpower in domestic projects and Companies. It is also helping local businesses through extensive consultancy services.

Competitive Advantages


  • NOSPHIL has an established and highly efficient recruitment system that ensures that the assigned staff does not only qualify for the job but thrives in the Company where he or she will be assigned.
  • NOSPHIL’s recruitment team is composed of equally competent specialists who understand the country’s context, the contractors’ technical requirements, and the business ethics to make the project prosper.
  • With its constant pool of qualified candidates as evidenced in the attached list of our available candidates, NOSPHIL can recommend qualified candidates to our clients without difficulties.
  • NOSPHIL sources and employs carefully chosen personnel and recommends the most qualified upon the request of its clients.
  • NOSPHIL is committed to keep its recruits regular and be their direct employer on behalf of our clients during the entire partnership after reaching more than 5 months of employment with our client. With this type of system, NOSPHIL shall afford our clients the freedom to concentrate on their business and free them from the burden of the long and emotional human relations matters.
  • NOSPHIL shall also take charge of payrolling as well as the remittance of all government mandated contributions from Income Tax Return, SSS, Pag-ibig and Philhealth contributions of all its assigned staff further freeing our clients from the very tasking process.
  • Above all, NOSPHIL guarantees its commitment to be its client’s partner in their quest for profitability and excellence in its field by supplying highly competent personnel at all times.

Merits of Outsourcing Staff

  • Reduced operational and recruitment costs
  • Constant pool of capable and skilles manpower
  • Freedom from Employer's responsibilities
  • Allows Companies to focus on its core business
  • Staffing flexibility
  • Increases staff productivity and efficiency
  • Option to transfer employment of oursourced staff directly to the Company once proven capable